We will be having a fundraiser on Thursday OCTOBER 4th for our New floor Mats at the Dojo instead of regular classes that evening. All students are encouraged to participate. Each person will be kicking nonstop for 5 Minutes 4 times, for a total of 20 minutes of kicks!! The total number of kicks will be multiplied by each sponsors pledge and the students will collect donations later. We can take straight donations as well.  We will have prizes for the top kickers and top money raiser.  This is not limited to just students. Families, siblings, parents, and friends are welcome to come KICK FOR the DOJO too!! F Please start getting some sponsors for your kicks!! and Start practicing your kicks the Current School Record is 2,321 kicks !!!!!!

for more information or if you have questions please contact Sensei Rocky

More info:  661 412 3656 or