this is the information for this and Future tests. Below you will find you have the tools to do the following:

Download the permission slip have it signed by your teacher at school and returned to dojo. (if you have already started School)

Download your test information so that you may study the written portion of your exam

Download our current complete curriculum so you know what techniques are required for each belt level.
(some Belt requirements will not be expected that time of a test but Sensei is tracking your progress throughout your training sessions and making note of when you do accomplish physical requirements)
Important notes for this test Please make sure you Gi is clean Pressed and looks sharp!Traditional Japanese karate testing is closed! (there is no audience)Get plenty of rest the night before and eat a good breakfast and lunch the day of test.Go to the bathroom before the test, Ready to do your best and push yourself. If you haven't paid yet for testing please do before Tuesday this can be done directly at the dojo or by using ACH. If you are set up for ACH your account will be charged on tuesday unless otherwise notified by email.
If you have any other Questions Please Call Sensei 661 412 3656

Please arrive by 5:45 for your written exam during Nursery ninjas class, physical test will start at 6:00 test completion will be determined by amount of students testing. (Lil Bushi’s Please arrive by 5:00 for your written exam.) Please check in with sensei and confirming pick up time upon drop off. (Lil Bushi’s will done by 7:00)

Written Test:
Click on link below for the color Belt or stripe you are testing for

Bushi White
Bushi Yellow
Bushi Orange
Brown 1
Brown 2
Brown 3
Permission slip - CLICK HERE